$100Bn / One Hundred Billion Dollars cash, per every single Human.

This is the tentative calculation we've read recently, about the theoretical value of all the mineral resources in our Solar System.

Several companies are promoting the Asteroid-Mining as a possible Multi-Trillion business.

They say the first Trillionaire will be some Asteroid-Miner.

But why should we pick Asteroids elsewhere, while we have 3 Trillion Kilotones of Asteroids buried under the Lunar surface during the multi-billion year bombarding ?!

And lots of them contain precious and rare metals, which, being mostly heavy metals, have sunk deep into the Earth's liquid core, while there on the Moon, they are close to the surface, thus easy for cheaper mining.

Do we truly realize what a never-ending treasury we have just 384k km far from us, with unlimited options for industrial and residential / tourist development ?

We'll need 1,000's of years to dig out and process just a tiny fraction of that treasury. There will be asteroids made of solid gold, silver, platinum, iridium, for sure, why not made of diamonds too ? Not mentioning the Lunar's own deposits.

Do we really realise how lucky we are, having this enormous stock of minerals and possible industrial-site world, just 384k km far from us ?

OK, but here come the problems.

Shipping Cost of 1kg of unrefined Ore, mined on the Moon, loaded on a ship and delivered down to the Earth's ground is about $20,000 for the moment. Plus probably $50,000/kg more for the Moon-mining itself. Just imagine the cosmic Salaries, Insurances, Trainings, Suits, Equipment, Food etc. Deliveries, of the Lunar Miners .

Is there some precious metal with such a price on Earth ? I don't think so. Moreover, we are talking about UNREFINED ORE, not about 99.99% pure metal, so the price will be actually higher.

Some solace for the future Trillionaire-Miners could be the speculations about the price of the Helium-3, which is rumored to be about $3bn/ton. At that cost everything is OK. All expenses will be paid and a huge profit will be generated.

Helium-3 is a perfect, low-radiation nuclear fuel, allowing, as they say, a small reactor to be made, sized as a drum and put onboard a truck.

Helium-3 has been piled up for billions of years by the Solar Wind and there could be extremely large quantities deposited on the lunar surface.

Which is probably the explanation of the recent brisk activity around the Moon-exploration appetites, after 50 years of total oblivion.

But as we said, all news about the Helium-3 come with the remark - maybe, probably, who knows ?

The only truth is that Moon is really and extremely rich of valuable minerals and the Trillionaire Dream is not so unreal.

Being completely obsessed of that dream day and night for the last years, our team produced some ideas, which could help the Moon Mining to become many times cheaper.

First question is : How the hell will we get there at a low cost ?

IDEA 1. Stratospheric Launchpads.

This idea is supposed to decrease many times the cost of the Rocket Launching and load shipping from the Earth's ground to the Space.

Rockets could be launched from high-altitude Launchpads, deployed on Stratosphere-Floating Lighter-Than-Air Platforms, kept aloft at 50km Altitude (in the so called StratoPause Atmospheric Layer, with the highest temperature of 0deg.C), by a relatively simple, 100% safe, computer-controlled system of many hydrogen-filled containers.

Launchpad Silos will be equipped with so called Electromagnet Cannons for starting rockets in safe mode for protecting the Platform. Then the rocket engines will be ignited, at a safe distance away from the Platform. 
Rockets will be delivered to the Platforms at a very low shipping cost, in modules / parts, by Airships, equipped both with propellers (used up to 3,000 m alt.) and reaction engines, or by Space (Strato-) Elevators. Parts will be then assembled in hermetized on-board premises, pumped with 1bar warm air. Thus no pressurized suits and oxygen masks will be needed.
Then the rockets will be launched from vertical or horizontal Silos, equipped with Electromagnet "Cannons".

We believe this idea could turn the rocket launching into a casual, routine, inexpensive, regular, day-to-day procedure, similar to catch the bus in the street, or a taxi.

IDEA 2. Implosion Spaceship.

This kind of Spaceships will reside and will be launched from the aforementioned Stratospheric Platforms, by the help of reaction-engine boosters, which will lift them up over the atmosphere, into the space. There the Implosion Engine will be started, to accelerate the ship step-by-step.

Launching from, and landing on the Earth's ground will be also possible by using additional regular Rocket Engines and Boosters.

The base of this ship is the Inertial Implosion Engine, based on the amazing property of the Stoichiometric Oxygen-Hydrogen (SOH) Gas to implode after its detonation,immediately creating vacuum and converting the exploded gases back into liquid water. -

Implosion Engine, based on the amazing property of the Stoichiometric Oxygen-Hydrogen (SOH) Gas to IMPLODE after its detonation, creating vacuum and converting the exploded gases into the same quantity of liquid water back, times and again. We’ll harness this additional force F2 - a gift from Mother Nature, using it to pull back a Piston, which is launched by a SOH Gas explosion, along a 300-500m long tube. The detonation power is many times stronger than the pull-back Force F2 of the implosion / vacuum cycle, therefore the result is creation of Positive Propulsion Force F1, pushing and accellerating the ship to its direction, without any limit. A larger number of such engines installed on the ship, will mutually-balance the push-pull cycles into a smooth and calm work and will create enough force for accelerating the spaceship up to even light speed in a few years.

Putting the Tubes in various directions will allow the ship to maneuvre and precisely adjust its course. The MAGLEV Piston will be made frictionless, out of an extremely powerful Permanent Neodymium Magnet, hanging inside the tube, without touching its wall. The Tube's external surface will be coated by Copper Coils, to generate Power ( Tubular-Linear Power Generator - TPG ) while the magnet piston moves here and there, and which coils become super-conductive ( therefore super-effective), by the Space Cold . SOH Gas is being produced out of 100%-reusable water, by a SOH Gas Generator, powered by the TPG. The Implosion Engine will produce 4-in-1 : Propulsion, Power, Heat, and Electro-Magnetic Shield - a local Magnetosphere, for Radiation Protection of the Ship and/or various neighbor facilities, reusing a fixed volume of water time and again, unlimited number of times, without emitting and wasting even a single atom of matter into the space. All the propulsion process will be generated in a closed circular loop onboard the ship, without receiving or emitting any kind of matter or energy into the open space.

An Implosion Spaceship could have hundreds of Implosion Tubes fixed in various directions, for a better synchronizing and smoothness of the push-pull cycles and for maneuvring, and precise adjusting the ship's course, and will be able to accelerate up to even light-speed (and then slow-down to zero) in a few years.

No else engine could offer so many good things.

Such an engine will also supply power and heat the water-vapor-capturing from the thin air, and condensing it into tap water, on the Stratospheric Platforms.

Also, it'll collect and pump/concentrate the extremely rare and low-pressure (0,001bar) air at this altitude (50km), up to the body-regular / breathable pressure of 1 bar, then will heat up and pump it into the industrial and residential premises on the Platform’s board.

IDEA 3. Moon Mining / Industrial / Residential / Tourist Base .

We think the first step of the space-exploring Era will be building Bases on the Moon, using our technologies.

Deep natural volcanic caves and tunnels were discovered recently on the Moon, which are a ready-made and good protection against the Cosmic Radiation and extreme Cold. We can hermetize, heat-up and pump these cavities with warm air and use them for safe and high-class Residential / Tourist, Mining and Factory-Production Sites.

High-Class Lunar Tourism will be as profitable as the mining, even more.

The low (1/6 of the Earth's) Lunar gravity problem could be solved by rotational centrifugal devices for artificial gravity creation, installed in every home, office, restaurant, etc. premises, or a massive centrifugal facility for the entire City, installed, and magnet-spin-levitating, over MAGLEV bearings :

Another idea of our tean's is several Underground Gravitational Tunnel Rings with large cross-section, to be bored under the Moon's surface.

Moon's circumference is about 11,000 km and its diameter is about 3,500 km, so we believe building such a tunnel system will be very expensive, but possible.


There will be huge Magnetic-Levitating Railway Systems installed inside these tunnels, with Platforms, non-stop moving along the tunnels with a high speed, similar and higher to the presently-existing MAGLEV Bullet-Trains on Earth.

Using the Space Vacuum inside the tunnels will allow supersonic speeds to be reached as well.

Various Residential, Office etc. buildings and facilities will be built on these Platforms.

More and more Platforms will join the System and jointed together step-by-step, forming something similar to a gigantic Bullet Train.

We believe the circular movement, ( similar to the "Von Braun Wheel" rotating space-station concept ) of these Platfoms along the tunnel ring, will create centrifugal forrce / gravity, enough to increase the low Lunar gravity up to the Earth's level of 9.81g.

All these gigantic centrifugal structures will be built 100% out of extremely strong, lightweight and low-cost Basalt-Fiber-Composite prefabricated Modules, fully-produced on the Moon.

Moon is made 75% out of Basalt Rock. We can use this rock for production of the best Space-Construction material - the Basalt-Fiber Composite (BFC) - , many times stronger and lighter than the Steel ; plus 100% stainless, chemically and UV-resistant, fireproof, waterproof, thermally-insulating. BFC is the material with highestresistance against the -250deg.C Space Cold and the harsh Solar UV-radiation.

We'll need enormous quantities of this BFC material if we seriously intend to explore the Space.

Basalt Rock and else parallel-mined minerals and useful gases as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, etc., will be mass-processed in the Lunar SOH Gas-Powered Factories into end products - BFC prefabricated assembly-structural modules, etc., then loaded on Implosion Spaceships and launched by Electric-Cannons with 2.4 km/sec lunar-escape speed, out of deep underground silos, towards Earth's Orbital / Stratospheric Base , to some Asteroid, or a Planet, or elsewhere.

The Low-Gravity on the Moon (1/6 of the Earth's) will be of a great help for the heavy-load mining processes.

IDEA 4. Non-explosive SOH-Gas Thermal-Shock Space-Mining Technology.

This technology harnesses the unique property of the SOH Gas-Plasma Flame to heat some ceramics and rocks up to ultrahigh temperatures, over their melting and boiling point, no matter the own flame temperature of the SOH's Flame is only 140deg.C (cold plasma).

Using a special ZrO2-dispenser, heated in a closed and sealed / hermetized chamber, by a cold SOH Gas Flame, we could reach a superhigh technological temperature of heating the mined rock, over 2,500 deg.C, without emitting and wasting even a molecule of water into the surrounding Space.

We can apply these unique properties for cracking and rupturing easily even the hardest rocks, by first boring a deep hole with a regular, but MOH-Gas-Fueled diamond-head drill machine, then put a pipe into the hole, which is actually a combined Induction-Electric / SOH Gas Heater, which heats the rock over 1,000 deg.C in a minute, which makes the rock to crack in pieces due to the enormous temperature difference between the surrounding or delivered on-site space cold and the 1,000deg.C, Gas-Plasma-generated heat.

This technology will allow enormous rock masses to be easily cracked and removed, during the building /shaping of various tunnels and caves on the Moon.


So we have a non-explosive rock-cracking.

If we use a traditional, explosive technology for open-Space mining, the pieces of rock will be launched and spread away into the Space explosively and then it'll be impossible to collect them back.

If we have a Flotation / Ore-Refinery installation up there too, then SOH Gas rock-rupturing will be used again and again, to crack the rock pieces down to gravel sizes of the particles, which then will be melted and processed into purely-refined material, using the SOH Gas ultra-heat again and again.

We believe this technology will offer the lowest-cost level of space-mining processes.

End products - Pure Metal Raw Materials, Stone Fibers and Composites ) for building various Structures, and even some ready-to-use Elements and Products, made of them, which production on Earth is dirty or unsuitable, could be produced on the Orbital Asteroid itself, under the Earth-Magnetic-Field's Umbrella, in Underground Halls and premises, well  Radiation/Space-Rays-Protected and  Meteorite-Protected. Such premises could be also used for Dwellings, Labs, Hydroponic and Animal Farms, Hotels, Restaurants, Sports / Entertainment / Fun facilities, etc. 
ISE engines could create Asteroid's Rotation, Artificial Magnetic Field, Artificial Gravity, and will deliver Unlimited Power, Heat, Fuel and breathable Oxygen for the Mining and Dwelling
Unlimited Water, Oxygen and various else Chemicals needed, will be extracted out of Asteroid's Ice and Ores, or chemically synthesized and mass-produced on the Asteroid, much cheaper, than to be shipped from the Earth.
Using the aforementioned technologies, the Asteroid-Mining could be a multi-trillion business indeed, here and now.
                                                                           MINING ON THE MOON
Prefabricated BFC Modular Elements could be produced in large natural underground mining and manufacturing caves on the Moon for example ( Moon is made 2/3 out of Basalt, Earth - 1/3 ), loaded on Impulse-Engined Spaceships, launched at 2.4km/sec Lunar-escape speed from deep silos by Electric "Rail Cannons" and delivered to the Earth's Orbit, under the Earth's Magnetic Field Umbrella, and assembled into space stations and even largeSettlements for Billions of Human inhabitants.
No need to fight the Earth's Gravity by expensive off-ground launching Rockets loaded with large BFC modules. It is just out of any sense.
The low-gravity on the Moon will be of a great help in all the heavy-load mining and production processes.
Underground Lunar Caves, well protected against the Space Radiation, well Hermetized and Pumped with Warm Oxygen Gas, produced out of underground Water Ice, found recently on the Moon,  will be also used for building Giant High-Class Residential Settlements with 24 LED Ligting and Tropical Gardens, Lakes, Pools, Beaches, Houses, Restaurants, Shopping Malls and various Entertainments. 
No need to mention how attractive these Lunar Colonies will be for the rich tourists from the Earth ! Giant Multi-billion incomes will come from the Tourist Services, Lunar-Souvenir Business, Lunar-Movie-making, etc.,  and pay all the expenses upon this Project. 
Scientific Research Labs and R&D Centers will bring more incomes too.
And the BFC Material will be the basic one of course, for building all the structures in these Colonies.
BFC production will become the Main Industrial Economy on the Moon.

Of course, there will be also lots more else valuable and precious Ores which will be found and explored during the BFC-mining process.

There is 3 Trillion Kilotones of Asteroid and Meteorite Mass, ADDED to the Moon during the billions of years of severe bombardment. And unlike the Earth this mass is on, or close to the Lunar surface.
So we could start with that Mass if we want to develop Asteroid-Mining. We'll need thousands of years to explore such a gigantic pile of asteroid mass.
Also, large amounts of underground water ice were discovered on the Moon and confirmed by NASA in 2009. Which is not of a crucial importance for us, because all techical and biological processes included in our technologies, reuse the water at 100%, again and again, unlimited number of times. 
Water is so scarce on the Moon and is so expensive to be shipped from the Earth, so any kind of process, wasting even a molecule of water, no matter delivered from the Earth or mined on the Moon, and thrown into the space,  will be  absolutely unacceptable 

We could also start with a much easier task - Mining on the Antarctica, under the 2km-thick ice sheet. It'll be easier, because unlike on the Moon, we'll have all the air we need for breathing, no radiation, unlimited supply of water and moderate ( -2 deg.C )  temperatures down there, under the sheet.
The problem is the international ban for mining in Antarctica till 2048. But if we submit our 100% clean and renewable SOH Gas Rock-Melting Mining Technology, this ban could be easily lifted 
We can build an entire Earth 2.0 Giant Colony in the space, for hundreds of billions of humans, with this amazing BFC material.

And all this Earth 2.0 will be fully powered, fueled and Oxygen-supplied by the unlimited, cheap, and 100% clean and renewable SOH Gas.

All the FOOD needed for this Colony, could be produced in Hyper-Intensive Vertical BFC Multifloor Farms, producing up to 12 crops per year of high-quality Horticulture, or High-Protein Aquaculture, Fisheries, small OR BIG Animals, etc. -

All the power for heating and lighting of these Farms will be provided by our SOH Gas Technology

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